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  Chapter 6

The drive home was pleasant. Jenny thought about her "adventure" in Dr.’s Schultz’s office and the path her life now seems to be taking. Who is this marital arts guy and why me? Should I be nervous? What is happening to me? Too much happening all at once…but it feels so right! She pulls in the drive way to the Wang’s home and unlocks the door. Sandra is waiting impatiently at the bottom of the stairs facing the door. She looks like an excited 13 year old..waiting for the phone to ring. She rushes up to Jenny and squeezes her with all her might. Jenny feels drained from the last two days and finds the bannister quickly to support her and flops down on the third strep.

Are you okay? You don’t look so good. What’s wrong? Did your meeting not go well?

No..It’s fine. It went well. I am just tired. I’ll be teaching at his house on Tuesday.

Sandra (Squeals)
Wow! No.. You aren’t! Can I come??……… only kidding

Jenny (smiles)
Hey.. Did dad find my box of pictures?

Yes... They were up the attic. He brought them down. They are in the study..Why do you want to look at them? Jen..something is going on..please tell me. You haven’t looked at them since your Mom died.

Jenny (stands up)
Get me some lemonade and meet me in the study. I do have something to tell you but you not going to believe it.

Sandra (puzzled)
Ok.. I’ll meet you in there.

Sandra runs towards the kitchen and Jenny walks across the foyer to the study. There are four dusty boxes of pictures sitting on the table. Jenny feels nausious but knows she has to look. She pulls apart the flaps of the first box. It is filled with childhood memorabila from school. She goes to the second box begins to open it and Sandra walks in. She has slipped into her sweats and t-shirt and appears to be ready to work.

So..What’s going on?

Something weird happened.
Well.. remember I had an appointment with Dr. Schultz? (Sandra nodds)

What do you mean weird? Did he try to touch you or something? I know he friendly but I didn’t think he would try to get-it-on with his clients!

No.. Sandra. Nothing like that. Hmm.. He hypnotized me and …Oh.. never mind’s silly!

What are you trying to tell me Jenny. Something is wrong. Please tell me. When I saw him he hypnotised me but that was no big deal..

I saw things Sandra.. I was a woman in a bomb shelter in WWII and then I was a little girl in China in 1792.. He thinks that he tapped into my "other reality"..My past lives. But what is even stranger is that in both experiences there was the same Chinese man. He thinks that maybe we will find some answers in these old pictures.

Ooo.. I have goosebumps! Freaky! Do you really believe all this Jen?

Actually..Yes. I do believe it. I have always felt I had a path I needed to take and I had never done anything to change the path I was already on. Call me silly but I think this new job teaching is connected. I feel like all of this is happening for a reason and I can’t figure out why. So lets look through these old silly pictures and see if there is a connection. Gonna help?

Sure. Pull out that book and I will start looking photos that while you look through the book.

Sandra looks at Jenny..She has a worried expression on her face because she knows how painful loosing her mother was. Jenny was only 17. She had watched her mother wither away. She had breast cancer and it spread rapidly through her beautiful body. The Dr.s never gave up. They tried everything. Her name was Christina and she was a teacher at the same school that Jenny teaches at now…everyone adored her.

Sandra is flipping through the pages of the family Bible..

Here’s something..Looks like a family tree maybe..

Let me see.. (Sandra passes the Bible)
You’re right. I haven’t looked at this in years. Mom kept it on the dresser in her bedroom. Look she recorded.. my birth.. Dad’s.. Who is this? Grandma Krissy?? She was born in Scotland in 1912. Looks like she had a daughter and three sons. Can you see anything else on them Sandra?

Let me look in this shoe box here… Look here’s some old black and white pictures. Here’s one looks like an older woman, her husband and three children. (passes it to Jenny)

Jenny looks at the older woman who is dressed in a black and white polka dot dress and has her hair in a bun. The gentleman is wearing a wool suit. They looked as though they were on there way to church. One of the children was sitting on a small wooden rocking horse. He had dark hair and pretty blue eyes. The other boy was standing beside his father and was wearing a stiff starched white shirt and a bow tie. He appeared uncomfortable but very smart. Jenny looks up to the young woman in the white dress who is standing next to her mother. She feels the blood draining from her and grabs the glass of lemonade from the table.

What’s wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost!

( her eyes tear up and she is looking at the backside of the photo)
It’s me.. I mean Isabel.
(She passes the photo back to Sandra)

Oh my god.. She looks just like you!

Sandra turns the photo over and there are some scribbles on the back..


It looks like the only people who survived were your Grandmother and her husband. I wonder what happened?

Jenny (dazed)
They died. I know what happened. The Nazis came back that night. The tenement next door was hit and the blast took out half of the building where we lived.. I died..wee James and George. This picture was taken on my 19 birthday 1944 three days before I met him in the shelter.. (Everything goes dark)

Waving smelling salts under Jenny’s nose..
Jenny can you hear me?
What happened Mrs. Wang?
(Mrs. Wang looks at Sandra)

We were looking at some old photos and she started saying some really weird things and she got all white in the face and the next thing I knew ..she was on the floor.. I tried to make her wake up and it was no good.. Dad brought her upstairs and we called you right away.

Hmmm.. Jenny..Can you hear me??

Jenny stirs and opens her eyes to find.. Mrs and Mr. Wang, Sandra and Dr. Aguilaro standing over her bed..

What happened? Did I pass out?

Yes.. Dad brought you upstairs. Are you ok?

Jenny ( Sits up)
Yes.. I’m fine.

Mr. Wang
I think you should stay in bed for the rest of the night. Bring her a nice hot cup of green tea. That should make you feel better.

Hmm..That sounds good.

Dr. Aguilaro
Let me just take your blood pressure again and your temperature and if everything looks fine I can go.

Mr. Wang
Ok.. we will be downstairs. When you are finished then come on down.

Sandra, Mrs. and Mr. Wang go downstairs to the kitchen. Sandra starts to tell them everything that Jenny had told her and what she was saying just before she passed out.

Mrs. Wang
This is very strange. We should talk to her when she is rested and feels better.

Mr. Wang
I agree. Let’s do it after breakfast. I think we should go look at the photographs that she was looking at.

I know where the picture is.. I’ll go get it.

Dr. Aguilaro (enters the kitchen)
Well. Jenny’s fine. I think she may be overdoing it a little. She still teaching at night?

Mr. Wang
Yes.. She loves it though.. I don’t think she’ll give it up.

Dr. Aguilaro
Alright.. I understand. Have her come to see me next week sometime please. So I can do a follow up exam on her. Her blood pressure was a little higher than normal.

Mrs. Wang (Gets up from the table to see him to the door)
I will make sure Jenny makes an appointment as soon as possible. Thanks for coming out ..Especially on a Saturday night.

Sandra comes back in the kitchen with the photo and explains the rest to her parents. They listen intently and say nothing.. Mrs. Wang gets up and makes a cup of tea and takes it upstairs to Jenny’s room.

Thanks. Sandra probably filled you in huh?

Mrs. Wang
Yes.. But don’t worry we can talk about it later. I don’t think it is strange though. Buddhist’s believe in reincaration. Someone has a special plan for you but only you can find it. This is your search.. We can only give you support and lots of love. Don’t worry about what we think.. We will always be here for you..
(Reaches over and takes Jenny’s tea cup from her and gives her a big hug)

Thanks Mom..

Sunday passes without incident. Jenny spends the rest of the day going through the old photos. She discovers that Grandmother Krissy and Grandpa George had another daughter in 1956.. Christina.. Jenny’s mother.

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Written by Isabel Hodge

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