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The Official Jet-Li Website

The Jet Lee (Li) Homepage

Jet Li Australia

Ultimate Jet Li Website

Jet Li UK

Jet Li Webring

HK Heroic Cinema

HK Superstars Magazine

Celebrity Link


  Jet-Li Official Website

  Definitly one of the best site I have ever seen! Creatively organised, excellent graphics and truly interesting content, especially for Jet's fans. Everything you wanted to know about Jet lies in this great site. By the way, don't miss the Official Jet Li Message Boards!

  The Jet Lee(Li) Homepage

  Updated everyday! Actually, THE SITE for news about Jet Li. One of the most popular Jet Li homepage, featuring a very large and complete content!

  Jet Li Australia

  Working with Flash, this site delivers a very professionnal design and complete content, offering special movie clips, pictures and infos about Jet and his newest movies. Definitly on the list of the best Jet Li fansites!

  The Ultimate Jet Li Website

  Very interesting website with a more personal touch about Jet Li. A-must-see page with great design!

Jet Li UK

  The official Jet Li UK fan club, a welcoming website. To all Jet Li Fans in UK, join their great fanclub!

This Jet Li Webring site owned by Shadow.

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  Very large andprofessionnal site very well-connected in Singapore, Malaysia and countries around. A number one source for music and movies. It also offers one of the best web hosting service, giving 20 meg free without any advertising banner!

  HK Heroic Cinema

  Very nice website maitained by a great Jet Li Fan. A good place to find news, informations, reviews, videos and much more about HK cinema.

Hong Kong Superstars Magazine

  The world's no.1 Hong Kong movie magazine's official website.

Celebrity Link

  Great website offering a very large list of the best celebrities and their websites.

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