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  Special Thanks
  Stanley, from The Jet Lee (Li) Homepage

  His part in the creation of this site was more than efficient. Without Stanley, many fans wouldn't even hear about the existence of Jet Li FanWorks. I am very thankful for his helpful comments, effective ideas and founded critics.

  Jeanette K. Gray-Ross, from

  Her sensitive heart inspired my work. Jeanette was and still is my support in the making of this site. She is a perfect mixture of joy, laughter, creativity and determination. The beautiful and touching biography was written by her. I wouldn't have chosen better teammate!

  Mark, from Jet Li Australia

  Intelligent Jet Li webmaster who expresses much of his smiles and time in the "Jet Promotion". This website sure needs such a nice and devoted person under his roof. We can easily describe him as a very open-minded fan who always stives for the best and appreciates the feelings within the evolution.

  Raymond and Thang, from the Jet Li Ultimate Website

  Truly talented webmasters! I was really pleased to know them and benefit of their meaningful helps. Devoted professional fans as well as nice friends like you are always welcome in my appreciation.

  Elodie Leroy

  She is the one who initiated the idea to emphasize the birthday of Jet Li. She also brought to us her talent in drawing by creating a masterpiece, with what I used for the logo of this site. You will certainly hear more from this artist, as she will contribute her hard work in the design of this site and as well, will finish her own homepage in which she features her love, Jet Li.

  Caroline Leroy

  As briliant as her sister Elodie, Caroline is another talented artist. Her drawing was also chosen to represent this site. Like her sister, he honors this site by providing her bright contribution regarding the ideas, look and support toward Jet Li FanWorks. If you have a chance, thank these amazing sisters for being so faithful to Jet.

  The team of the Jet Li Official Website

  I want to show my gratitude toward their hard work dedicated to our man, Jet Li. You have brought to us, fans, a work that we will remember for the decades to come. A very special thank to Mark for posting our site in the

  All fans

  Being among the great fans of Jet, I would say, in the name of every fans, that we have made possible the joy we have right now regarding the success of our eternal friend Jet Li. We wouldn't share such great moments of glory if we weren't here, supporting a man of strenght, both in spirit and body. We have to thank each other to be part of the happiness. Thanks!

  Jet Li, The Man

  Your talent and devotion in your magnificient works gave us faith. It guided us to a better vision of life and enlightened us when despair tries to imprison us. Without you, nothing here would even exist. We all please you to keep up your amazing work!

  Shadow, webmaster. Visit my homepage: ShadowMATRIX

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