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  Chapter 3

Dr. Schultz is a Psychiatrist who doesn’t quite fit the description of your typical psych. Dr. He looks, walks and talks as though he is trapped in the 60’s. His hair is brown and collar length. He has sparkly blue eyes that you could swim in all day. His clothes are always colourful and full of energy. I admire his freedom of expression. My friend Sandra recommended him to me after several failed attempts at meaningful relationships. I never felt comfortable with them..just never seemed like it was meant to be. I aways believed that I would meet “Mr Right” one day. But my clock was ticking and at 34 and struggling with a career it’s just not so easy to get out and meet the guy of your dreams..

Dr. Schultz ( scratching his head)
Well, I have to admit you are the only person that I have had do a session and this happen.

What are you talking about?

Mr. Schultz
Do you know what past-live regression is?

Jenny (puzzled)
Well..Yeah.. I’ve read a few books on past-life regression but what does that have to do with this? (Pause) Do you think that what I just experienced was me tapping into my own past lives?

Mr. Schultz(speaking slowly)
Well ..(sighs) that’s what I am beginning to believe. I really don’t have experience in this area but from what I understand about past live regression it appears that we have tapped into two lives and there is are several connections between the two. First ..your Scottish and secondly you have some connection to this Asian person. Do you know any Asian people in your present live?

Jenny (smiles)
Well yes.. I teach English on the side to Asians living in here in LA. I know many Asians actually. I am still not understanding what this has to do with my life right now.

Dr. Schultz
Well..Sometimes experiences of past lives are a source of understanding of our current issues. And from what I am seeing..Your difficulties with your relationships with other men are strongly related to this Asian man. Almost as though you have karmic ties with him. I think if we continue with your hypnosis sessions then we may see patterns emerge that might give us the answer to your relationship difficulties right now. The explorations during hypnosis in this “other reality” which I am now refering to as past-lives can possibly open a door way to a solution. I would recommend that we continue..but if you don’t feel comfortable then I will understand completely.

It’s a little frightening..I admit. But, I think that you might be right all the way. I have always felt that I was waiting for that one special person. May be this Asian man is him..who knows (smiles) I can’t really explain it at all. Let’s keep the sessions going if you don’t mind. When can I come back?

Dr. Schultz
Good.. Hmm.. let me look at my schedule book.. How about next Thursday at 4pm? I think that time would be better for you too right?

Yes. I get finished at work at 3:30pm so that will give me time to get over here. Is there anything I need to bring or read do you think?

Dr. Schultz
Hmm… I don’t think so. But it might be a good idea to look through some old family pictures if you have them. Also, talk to your mother and ask if you had any relatives from Scotland. I believe most of the time souls stay within the family tree.. for example. In your last life your brother may have been your mother. Do you understand?

Jenny is staring off in disbelieve..trying to grasp the events that she just consumed with her mind. So many emotions…

Jenny (dazed)
Yes.. I understand. I will be back at 4pm Thursday. Thank you so much. (laughs) Gee..I am looking forward to this Doc!! Maybe I was someone exciting in my past life like..hmm.. Queen Elizabeth or Mary Queen of Scots..oh.. but that of course would be bad because Mary was beheaded.…(laughs)

Dr. Schultz
Yeah.. I think we might come across something interesting. See you Thursday.

Jenny grads her handbag from the corner. She walks out the door down the hallway and out to the street. She feels a certain feeling of excitement inside. She looks around and sees her Volks Wagon beetle. When she walks across the parking lot. She is watching people walk by on the street. She feels disassociated from normal life. She is recalling her fear sitting in the shelter but also her pleasure at meeting the young Chinese boy on the dock that day in 1792! She snickers and turns the key..

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Written by Isabel Hodge

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