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  Chapter 4

Jenny Logue is 5 ft 3’ blonde with blue eyes. She has very distinct petit attractive features. She is most comfortable in her jeans and favorite sweaters.. People always feel very comfortable around her. Her English students said she has a personality that could draw the spirits from heaven. Fitting into the Asian community was never a problem for Jenny. Sandra had been her best friend since elementary school..they shared everything. When Jenny went to Berkley..Sandra followed. Sandra Wang is a spunky rebellious daughter of a prominent Banker in Chinatown. Mrs. Wang had taken Jenny in after her mother had died in 1983 and cared for like her own daughter. During the day Jenny is a Speech and Language Pathologist for Special Needs students at Pomona Elementary School. Three evenings a week she teaches English to five Asian immigrants. Her classroom is on the second floor of the Bank of Canton in Chinatown. After class Sandra usually meets Jenny at the Chinatown House restaurant for dinner. Sandra owns a nearby art gallery full of Asian artwork and antiquities. Jenny has given all of her students American names.. Larry is a 25 year old man from Thailand. Suzie is a very shy 28 year old woman from Beijing. Bertha is a humorous chubby little 49 year old Japanese woman . And, Bob is a very traditional Vietnamese 42 year old gentleman. They all adore Jenny and look forward to the evenings when they can practice their new found English skills..

We are near the end of the class session...

Alright Larry ..have you been practicing?

Yes. Miss Jenny.. (stands up..smiles) Ahem.. Rice.. Right.. Ridiculous..leal..

Jenny (smiles)
Very good let’s try it again.. Rice..Right…Ridiculous and REAL

Ok.. (nervous) Rice..Right..Ridiculous and REAL

**Class Applauds**

Excellent!! Now you have your homework for Monday..keep praticing your pronounciation.. You are all doing a wonderful job! Congratulations!

Everyone packs up their backs and bows respectfully to Jenny as they leave the room.. Bertha is the last one to leave..

Miss Jenny are you ok tonight? You seem very..umm.. how you say..umm.. ple occupied?

Preoccupied.. Yes maybe a little. I had some strange things happen to me today..

Yes.. I could tell.. The spirits are very close to you today. But don’t worry ev-lything is fine. I have the gift you know..I can see you have many stories.. (smiles)

Jenny (smiles)
Yes.. I believe I do have many stories..Thank you for telling me that. I feel better now. Now becareful going down those stairs tonight. We don’t want you to have another tumble. I will see you again on Monday.

Ok Miss Jenny. Have a nice dinner with Sandra tonight..Tell I say hello..

I will.. Goodnight.

Jenny grabs her packback from under her desk and slowly walks towards the door...Two serious looking Asian men open the door. They are dressed in suits and on is carrying a briefcase..Jenny is nervous..

I’m sorry class is over. We have another class on Monday that starts at 6:30 pm if you would like to come back then please

Mr. Yi (smiles)
No.. Not me. I am employed by a very distinguished actor from China who has come to America to work in Hollywood. However his English is very poor and we would like your assistance. ( Passes a buisness card to Jenny) I won’t keep you any longer. Please think about my proposal.. If you are interested call the number on the card. The fee will be $100 per lesson.

Jenny (stunned)
hem.. Well.. eh.. yes.. I will have to think about it. Thank you. I’ll give you a call soon to let you know. Good evening Mr. Yi

Mr. Yi
Good evening Miss Logue.

The two gentlemen leave the classroom and Jenny flumps onto her chair.. What a day! (Thinks to herself) $100 per lesson will get me through the Summer months while school is out .. I won’t have to work at Mr. Wang’s bank and I will have time to spare! Wow! I have to go tell Sandra!! She jumps up and runs down the hallway.. down the stairs and next door to the Chinatown restaurant…

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Written by Isabel Hodge

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