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  Chapter 1

The dust was thick. The coughing was continuous and never ending. Whimpering could be heard from small children who could not understand the darkness..

Mum when will it end?

Don’t worry it will be over soon. I just hope yir Da and wee James made it on time

The sirens were ear piercing. The noise of thunder was in the distance. The room began to shake..I could feel mother’s heart beating and her hands were shaking. I grabbed her tight. I knew what she was feeling. I was terrified too. We never knew whether or not Da and James made it tae the shelter..They must hae but the black oot happened so fast. We didn’t know if anyone but the people who were already oot on the streets made it to the shelters. The cries of small children got louder. I could hear a young woman singing a bonnie lullabye in the distance. The man sitting on the bench just a bit away from us said he thought it was going to be bad tonight.."Retaliation from Monty’s strike a few days prior." Another man told him to shut up because he was scaring the wimin folk and wains.

BOOM!!! The floors began to shake and dust fell from the ceiling. Screams of desperate terrified people echoed through the shelter. I could barely see the man who was sitting to my left it was just so dark..He was quite calm. I was shaking so hard that my teeth were chittering together and making a noise that would have been funny under different circumstances. I felt a hand reach out and wrap around me. It was warm, secure and comforting. I felt a strange presence. Immediately my teeth stopped chittering and I could feel a calm feeling come over my whole body. Who was this person? I tried to smell sense him.. It was hard with all the dust floating around. Hard to concentrate..

BOOM!! That one was close! We fell over onto the floor. I fell on top of a body. God only knows who it was but as we reached out in the darkness to regain our positions I felt the hand again reaching out and holding me. Surely one of the tenement buildings got hit. That was close enough to have been our own. The curiosity was raging inside me. Shite..Here I am inside the shelter in the dark..I don’t know whether my Da and brother are deed or alive and I’m curious! What the hell! I held on tight to him and wrapped myself around his waist. I looked up to where I thought his head might be and said ..

"Thank you"

Jet (Chinese accent)’s okay. We will all be out of here shortly. It will be over soon.

I held onto him closer. I felt so completely safe with him. Mum reached over to make sure I was alright.

Are ye alright lass?

Aye Ma..I’m fine..

The bombing subsided could hear the thundering move to the distance..The people in the shelter could tell from frequent visits that the lights would return soon.

Bodies began to shuffle towards the doorway..One woman was crying so hard I knew she was going to collapse. Some people could tell they said when loved ones were lost..she must have had that chilling feeling tonight. Her cries told that awful story that I had heard over and over..

The lights came on and bodies rushed for the double metal doors. I desperately tried to look around for my mysterious asian friend..I couldn’t see him..Damn!!

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Written by Isabel Hodge

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