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Martial Arts  


  All the fan messages are posted!

This section contains near 350 letters from the fans who wanted to show their support toward Jet for his birthday on April 26. Enjoy them and if you have any questions or thoughts to share, please express it through our Message Boards.


Birthday Greetings are organized by categories. In each categories, there are the dates of post of each letter and each day involves 20 messages. Soon, we will put a list of the names as to make your browsing easier.

Jet Li posted on the site

Here is Jet's personal thanks for our birthday gift.

  From Jet:

Hi to everyone who has sent me birthday greetings, poems, and artwork for my birthday. I am overwhelmed and flattered. Thank you very much for your support, and of course thank you very much to Shadow and Stan for creating this site. I promise you all that I will use the same enthusiasm, dedication, and devotion to my future projects; to make them as entertaining and enjoyable as possible. Once again my heartfelt thanks.

Best wishes to you all!

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