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  Chapter 8

Jen stayed up late describing in detail her first encounter with Jet to Sandra.. She wanted to hear every minute detail .. Even Mrs. Wang popped in and sat on the edge of Jenny’s bed for a spell to hear about her visit.

Sandra (sneaky grin)
So what do you think of Jet?

Jenny (lays back on her pillow and stares at the ceiling..)
Oh… He’s very handsome, polite, intelligent. But there’s something about him I just can’t put my finger on.. it’s strange.

Weird. Maybe you will feel better about him on Thursday. You are going over to his house after your appointment with Dr. Schultz right?

Yes. I am going to be home pretty late on Thursday..but I’ll call you when I get in…ok?

Sounds good. I’ve got to get going. Early morning..

Ok Sis! See you tomorrow after class at the restaurant ok?

Sure ..sounds great. See you then..

Sandra leaves the bedroom. Jenny takes out a match and lights her aroma candle beside her bed and turns off the large lamp. She walks over to her dresser and pulls out her night dress, takes down her hair and sits down in front of her mirror, brushes her blonde locks free of tangles and goes to the bathroom.. brushes her teeth and climbs into bed.. The candle’s light is flickering and shadows are dancing around the room in a poetic ode..She sighs and remembers her first encounter with Jet. Her mind wanders to the first time she looked into his smiling eyes. She reaches over to her spare pillow and holds it tight in her arms. She rubs her cheek against the soft cotton and imagines that he is holding her tight in his arms ..protecting her forever..

Mrs. Wang (pulls the curtains apart to let the sunshine explode into the room..)
Ok.. Time to get up! You have slept in again. Did you forget to set your alarm clock again. Get up..lazy girl!

Jenny (startled)
Oh no.. What time is it?

Mrs. Wang
You’re ok.. but don’t waste time in the shower.. I will have breakfast ready for you soon. Hurray up now…

Jenny hops in the shower.. Throws on her black dress and black flats and quickly braids her hair wet. She runs downstairs and grabs some tea and toast and runs out the door… When she gets to school she is only 10 minutes late. Little Andrew and Shannon are at her door waiting. It was a long day at school. The children seemed restless. As soon as the bell rings she goes to the office to check her mail box. She grabs her new catalogues and takes them back to her office and drops them on her desk.. She is fidgeting with her backpack on the way out of school..trying to find her keys. She gets to her VW Beetle and puts the key in the door..She hears a familiar voice..

Jet (smiles)

Jenny (startled)
She drops her key on the ground..
Well.. Ahemm.. Hello. What are you doing here?

Steve said that this is where you teach so I asked him if my schedule was clear for the day and I told him I was coming over to meet you. Do you want to go for a drive?

Jenny (blushing)
Well.. Yes. I don’t see why not. I thought you didn’t come out of your house?

Well ..I thought about what you said about needing to get out into the English speaking communities and I decided that I wanted to do something today and I should ask you to join me ..if that’s ok?

Jenny (smiles)
Yes.. sure. I have a few hours before my English class starts.. What did you have in mind?

Oh.. I don’t know. I thought we could just drive and see where we end up. If that’s ok with you?

Sound like fun..let’s go.

They both get into Jet’s car and head towards LA.

Do you like amusement parks? Roller Coaster rides?

Yes..I love to go to amusement parks. Is there one around here?

Yes.. Steve said it should be about five miles ahead on the left. He said that there are some great rides and games. Let’s go there ok?

Sounds great .. But aren’t you concerned that you will be recognized?

No.. Not really.. I have my ball cap. That helps.

Alright then.

Jenny watches Jet manouver the car through the crowded street until they reach the parking lot. She admires his strength and confidence. She is a little confused by him showing up at the school. He can’t want to learn English that much.. Maybe he’s really lonely stuck up in that huge mansion. He probably doesn’t get too much company at all. Poor fella. Jet parks the car and reaches into the back seat and grabs his dark blue ball cap and slips it on his head..

Look Ok?

Jenny (smiles)
Looks great.. No one will recognize you.. Lets’ go!

They go through the front gates and Jet pays for the park tickets. The walk around for a while and talk about Beijing and his upcoming movies. She tells him about her job at the school and her class in the evenings. He is surprised at her dedication to teaching English to Asians. He wants to learn everything about Jenny.

Why are you living with the Wang’s?

My mother died and I had no other living relatives so the Wang’s took me in. Sandra and I are like sisters. They have been very kind and generous to me. I’m very grateful.

Ah.. I see. You have had a very difficult life.

Yes. But I have a wonderful family and great friends now. You have to life for the here and now really. Can’t dwell on the past because it doesn’t know.

Jet (hands Jenny some Candy floss)
Yes.. I understand. Here you go..
Ahemm (blushing)Do you have a fiance or a boyfriend?

No.. I haven’t had time. And the times I have.. it didn’t work out.. Just didn’t seem right.

Jet (grins)
I know what you mean. I have tried to have some relationships and I felt the same way. I have a vision of the person I should be with it and I am holding out for that person.

Wow. That’s really sweet. I understand completely. I dated a guy that I thought was the one that I could spend the rest of my life with but then when I really looked at him and our relationship I felt as though there was a gap and I could never figure out what it was..

Jenny (looks up)
Hey look they have a Ghost ride! Wanna go?

Jet (laughs)
Sure..You won’t get scared will you?

No.. I don’t think so..hehe

They climb into the compartment and buckle themselves in.. the train starts to move forward.. Cobwebs adorn the dark sinister caverns.. scary characters pop out from nowhere and ghosts appear beside them..The train speeds up more and starts to go in an incline.. Jenny starts to feel nervous. She had no idea that it was a roller coaster ride..She moves closer to Jet and he wraps his arm around her. It’s so warm and comforting..strange..Jenny know she has felt that comfort before..Where?? Where do I know this guy from?


What the!!! One of the large displays that are hanging from the side of the cavern falls and crashes to the ground.. Jenny screams and Jet grabs on to her tight. THAT’S IT!!!!

The bomb shelter! It’s him! No.. but it can’t be..He holds her tighter against him.. By the time they get to the exit Jenny has tears streaming down her cheeks. The ride maintenance crew rushes to help them. They had seen the accident on the camera but couldn’t stop the train until they were safely outside.

Are you ok? You’re shaking.

Jenny (shaking from head to toe)
Yes.. I am fine. Please .. I need to go home. Please take me home.

Ok.. We will leave right now..Are you sure you are alright? You don’t look very well.

Please ..Just get me to the car..

They both walk briskly to the car. Jenny gets in and pulls a tissue out from her bag and wipes the tears from her face. She turns away from Jet .. She is afraid to look at him. What if it’s true? No one would ever believe her..especially him. (She thinks) Oh Jet the-way..did you know we have been together in another time! Ahhh!
Jenny rests her eyes for a moment ..She is so exhausted and drifts off to sleep..Jet looks over at her and is worried that taking her out so soon was a bad idea. He suddenly remembers that he doesn’t have her address and decides to take her back to the house and call Steve. They pull up into Jet’s drive way and Mrs. Xuliang is standing outside as they pull up. She looks worried. She can see by Jet’s face that something is wrong. He carefully opens the passenger side door and gently picks Jenny up and takes her upstairs to the guest bedroom. He calls Steve and he tells him what happened. Steve agrees to call the Wang’s. Mrs Wang is concerned and says that Mr. Wang is gone out for the evening to an Asian community meeting and won’t be back until later. She tells him that she will go to the Bank and post that the class is cancelled for the evening. Mrs Wang asks that Jenny call as soon as she wakes up.

Jet goes to the guest bedroom.. Mrs. Xuliang has taken off Jenny’s shoes and covered her with a soft warm rose coloured blanket. She looks over at Jet and smiles.

Mrs. Xulian
She is very beautiful..

Yes. She is. Do you think she will be ok? I wonder why she hasn’t woken up yet..

Mrs. Xulian
I think the poor thing is exhausted. I would just let her sleep a while longer.

Jet goes over and sits on the side of the bed. He reaches over and touches her beautiful silky blonde hair. He takes a deep breath and remembers his dream.. First meeting her in a dark shelter ..then at the docks.. He knows they belong together. He senses it in deep within his heart.

He gets up and runs downstairs..grabs something to read from the library and returns to Jenny’s side. He tries to read a few chapters but finds that his concentration is focused on the beautiful woman lying on the bed. She looks like an angel sleeping on a bed of roses. She is so breathtakingly beautiful.. a gift from God.

Jenny stirs and rolls over to find herself lying in a strange bed. Jet is sitting beside her..It dawns on her that he desn’t know where she lives. Then she remembers the train ride ..she buries her head in the pillow.

Please tell me what’s wrong?

It’s ok. I will be fine. I have had a very strange and tiring week. You wouldn’t understand.

Try me.. I am actually a pretty open minded guy.

Jenny (sits up and wipes her face)
Oh.. I don’t think you are THAT open minded. I think I should get going. I can’t believe I fell asleep.. I’m sorry for any inconvienience I’ve caused. I really had a great time at the park today ..except for you know.. what happened.

Yes..that was very unfortunate. Hopefully the next time won’t be traumatic. I had a great time too.. Maybe you can give me the chance to make it up to you?

Jenny (smiles)
What did you have in mind?

Oh.. I don’t know..We shall see. Let me give you a ride home. By now Mr. Wang should be home and someone can go to the school to pick up your car. Would you like to stop for dinner on the way?

That’s very sweet of you.. I really don’t have an appetite right now though. Thank you anyway. Where is the ladies room so that I can clean myself up a little.. please?

Jet (points across the room)
It’s that door over there..


She gets up and Jet notices her tanned feet sinking in to the pile of the carpet and watches her make her way over to the bathroom. Her black dress reveals the slenderness of her body. Jenny leaves the door open a little and Jet can see her reflection in the mirror. She unbraids her hair and combs it slowly. She ties it quickly in a knot and washes her face..When she brings her head up from the basin..she sees him looking at her in the mirror and smiles..Jet blushes and smiles. Jenny dries herself off and comes out of the bathroom looking refreshingly beautiful. She has kept her hair up in a tight knot and Jet admires her beauty and charisma. They walk downstairs and Mrs. Xuilang has prepared some dinner already. The kitchen smells glorious. Jenny agrees to eat and sits down at the table. She watches Jet as he assists Mrs. Xuilang with draining the noodles. Jet looks over at Jenny sitting down and gives her the most beautiful smile. She remembers what she felt and remembered on the amusement ride and she begins to shiver.

Are you alright? Can I get you a sweater or something?

Yes.. that would be very nice about now.. I can’t stop shaking.

Jet quickly runs upstairs and grabs one of his favorite comfy sweatshirts.

Jenny takes it and carefully slips it over her head. It feels so comfortable, soft and warm. While he has his head turned she takes a quick smell and is comforted even more when she realizes it has Jet’s cologne on it.

Jet invites Mrs. Xuilang to sit with them. She declines and tells him that she has to go to the market for a little while..She looks at Jet and grins sneakly…grabs her handbag and says goodnight to Jet and Jenny..

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