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  Chapter 2

A little girl is sitting next to a window looking out onto a busseling cobbled street.. Chinese women are shaking out rugs, engaging in the usual gossip and chasing unruly children. Men are gathering at the corner for their daily game of Wei Ch’i… Tis the year of our Lord 1792..

An older woman walks into the room. Dressed in travel attire..

Ma Ma
Child are ye ready to go? Do you have yir doll? Please don’t forget it this time. We have to leave in a few minutes.

Sarah (10 years old)
Aye.. Ma Ma! I have Julie. Don’t worry I won’t leave her.

Ma Ma? Why is it that we have to leave again?

Ma Ma
Auch.. it the Manchus magistrate..He wants all the Western traders out of Shanghai as soon as possible. Seems they have had some trouble with illegal trading of weapons with the Han Chinese. But don’t you worry we will be back at Glen Affrie before you know it lass..

Will Daddy still be coming on the ship?

Ma Ma
No Sarah..this morning he sent McDougal with a message saying that he would be tied up and would be able to join us until later. He said that you are not to worry he has arranged safe passage all the way to Glasgow. Now we have to hurra. Nannie is waiting doonstairs and the carriage has arrived…Grab yir Julie..

The docks are busier than normal. Traders and their crews are frantically running all over checking their loads and preparing for the journey. I can recognize some of them but frankly I am surprised at the number trying to leave all at once..

I am looking out into the harbour now. Royal British fleet ships have arrived to assist with the trader’s evacuation.. Chinese junk boats are manoevering themselves around the great ships with ease..almost as though they never existed.

Females Voice
I can see him now.. He’s chasing a black cat.. Must be one of the ship rat catchers trying to slip off the ship to steal some fish from the merchants..

He sees me and smiles. I know that smile. I have seen it a million times. Sparking eyes with wee dimples in his cheeks. (Voice in the distance)

Lassy you stay put and don’t move. Ye don’t want to get mixed up in the chaos and end up in the wrong ship ..Do ye? I'’ll be back in a minute..

The cat is coming towards me..He’s rubbing up against my gown. Oh.. here he comes. He is signaling me to grab the cat for him. I am smiling..

Jet (Chinese)
Thank you lady.. He’s a big cat.. is he not? I think the ship First Mate will give me a penny for catching him.

Sarah Smiles
You speak good English. Why don’t ye keep the cat? Don’t Chinese people eat cats anyway? (laughs)

(He senses Sarah joking..and smiles) No..I will get more money for returning the cat and will be able to purchase more food for my family.

Hmm.. That’s a better idea. I am sure your Mummy will be very proud of ye! So how is it that you can speak English?

My Mother (stubbles over his words) work right over there in the fish market. She has taught me what she has learned from the sailors. Are you leaving Shanghai today?

Yes..My Mummy should be back any minute now. Here’s yir cat.. Be nice tae him please..

Sarah passes the grey tabby back to him and smiles.. His hand touches hers during the exchange. A jolt of electricity surges up through Sarah’s veins right to her heart. She looks at him oddly and steps back.. He is looking at her in the same strange way..

Masculine Voice..
Now count backwards 10..98..7..6.. you can hear my voice now..slowly..5…4…3…2…1.. Now open your eyes. Do you remember where you are?

There is a woman sitting in a leather lounger chair in a Dr.’s office.

(34 year old attractive American woman) Yes. I know where I am now. Was I under for a long time? It seemed like a long session.

Dr. Schultz
No. Only for ten minutes. Do you remember everything you saw?

Yeah.. But I still don’t understand how can I go from being in a bomb shelter during the blitz to being a girl in China in what I think is around the 1700’s?

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Written by Isabel Hodge

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