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  Chapter 9

Jet and Jenny ate dinner and talked about their careers and friends. Jet opened a bottle of red wine for dinner and although Jenny didn’t usually drink, she felt that it would be a good idea to calm her nerves from the traumatic event. Her mind continued to drift to the "experience" she had in the amusement park. And occasionally she would glimpse at Jet while he was taking a drink of wine and recall the session she had with Dr. Schultz. She knew that she felt completely safe with Jet and was tickled at the possiblity of her "Soul Mate" being the famous Jet Li! Gosh! Would Sandra have a fit over that!

Jet was really enjoying the conversation with Jenny. He had to be careful because every time he looked directly in her eyes.. he had a strong urge to blurt everything out but he knew the timing was not right. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue.. and they had an energetic sparkle that aroused the deepest passion within him. He wanted to reach over and take her face gently in his hands and taste her mouth... Then he realised every time he looked into her eyes he would blush profusely… so he tried to make as little eye contact as possible but it was very difficult.

Jenny was feeling pretty relaxed by the third glass of wine. From the dining table you could see the pool.

The pool is beautiful at night isn’t it? I love all the plants surrounding it… almost looks as though you are swimming in a magical lake in the jungle.

Yes. I often come out on to the pool deck at night..go for a swim, sit and read. It is very peaceful and one of my favorite things to do.You will have to bring over your swim suit and come swimming with me next time you come over. I always enjoy swimming after a hard work out. Helps the know.

Sounds great. Thanks. I’ll make sure I bring my swim suit. Well.. I think it’s time we head out don’t you? Mom is probably worried sick and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. School.. then my a Dr.’s appt. and then I’ll be back here. Hmm.. looks like I will be going swimming sooner than I thought.. (Laughs)

Wonderful! I have workout until 5:00 and then I think Tessa is coming over. We can work on my English and go for a swim after Tessa leaves.

Jenny (curious to who Tessa is..)
Okay. Sounds great.

They drive over to Mrs. Wangs and Jenny is a little too intoxicated from the wine. Jet walks Jenny up to her door. They are both giggling when the door comes flying open..

Mrs. Wang
Oh.. Thank Goodness! Jenny you had me scared to death! (glances over at Jet and scoffs!)

Mrs. Wang (giggles)
Come in Mr. Li.

I’m sorry. We had dinner and a couple of glasses of wine.

Mrs. Wang (scowls at Jet)

My apologies Mrs. Wang. I should have brought Jenny home earlier. Mrs. Xuilang thought she may have felt better if she had eaten.

Sandra (comes rushing down stairs)
Oh my! Jenny haven’t you been a naughty girl! Who is this gentleman who has graciously brought my half-drunken sister home at this ungodly hour? (laughs)

Jet (bows)
Pleasure to meet you. You must be Sandra. Jenny has told me a lot about you.

Sandra (looks over at Jenny a gives her a curious smile)
The pleasure is all mine Mr. Li. I can’t wait to hear what my sister has shared with you ..

Jenny walks over to Sandra and wraps her arms tightly around her.. Her knees start to give way and Sandra hold on tight. Jet runs over and picks up Jenny.

Mrs. Wang
Please come with me. I think we should put her straight to bed.

Jet (with Jenny in his arms)
Okay.. Please lead the way.

Mrs. Wang leads them upstairs to Jenny’s room. Jet places her on her bed and as Mrs. Wang slips Jenny’ shoes off Jet takes a peek around Jenny’s room. He spies the leather bound book that he had given Jenny the other day on her night stand and smiles. He can smell her perfume and looks over to her vanity and sees her white silk night dress drapped over the chair. She has a small library of work related books piled up on her desk by her computer. He feels very comfortable in her environment. Mrs Wang turns and sees Jet looking around the room.

Mrs. Wang (scowls)
Ahemm…Now young man.. I thank you for returning Jenny to us. Next time you take Jenny out will you please make sure she is home at a decent time and call if you are going to be late. As you can see we are very protective of Jenny and like to keep her from harms way.

Jet (Surprised by Mrs. Wang’s abruptiveness..He usually isn’t addressed in this manner)
I can assure you Mrs. wang that I will indeed have Jenny home at a more respectable time in the future. I appologize for any inconvienence tonight has caused. Jenny had quite a scare today.

Mrs. Wang
Yes. I heard all about it already. Would you like to come downstairs for a cup of tea Mr. Li?

Thank you but I really need to get back to the house.

Mrs. Wang (walking with Jet downstairs to the foyer)
Alright. Well.. Thank you again for bringing her home. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of you young man. (Smiles)

Ahem.. Well.. It was nice meeting you. I’m sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to see Mr. Wang. Please tell him I said hello.

Mrs. Wang
I will… Good evening.

Jet bows and smiles at Sandra as she comes running out to wave good night to Jet.

Jenny woke to Mrs. Wang jerking open the curtains once again.

Mrs. Wang
How are you feeling this morning? Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk.. Jenny, didn’t I warn you about those martial arts guys!

Ahh! Must you always open the curtains! My head! Ahh! What are you talking about? He was the prefect gentleman. I hope you weren’t too rude to the poor guy!

Mrs Wang shakes her head and goes downstairs. Jenny gets up and goes through her normal routine to get ready for work. Sandra is at the breakfast table when Jenny goes down to grab a cup of coffee..

Sandra (laughs)
Goodmorning! Got a headache do ya?

Jenny (glares at Sandra)
Thanks for the sympathy..Remind me to thank you for that later..

I can’t believe he came to our house! He was such a gentleman! Did you even notice he picked you up and carried you to your bed? There’s a million women in the world that would have fainted if Jet even looked in there direction and he carried YOU to bed!

Mrs. Wang
Sandra! Watch your mouth!

I must admit he is a handsome fella isn’t he. And, he appears to be quite taken with you Jenny..

Don’t be silly. I’m teaching him English. Anyway, I think he has a girlfriend. He mentioned someone called Tessa tonight. Personally, I think he’s just lonely up there in that big house.

Sandra (laughs)
Well..Where do I sign up to babysit!

Jenny laughs..

So Sis..What are you up to today?

I have my appointment with Dr. Schultz, over to Jet’s for lessons and then he invited me over for a swim.

God you are so lucky!

Mrs. Wang
Just make sure you don’t drink tonight. Who knows where you will end up!

Jenny (shakes her head.)
Ok..Ok.. I am leaving now! Have a wonderful day! If I am going to be late.. I’ll call. (Teases) Oops!! I had better go get my swim suit or I’ll be skinny dipping with Jet!

Mrs. Wang (gasps in shock and shakes her finger at Jenny…)
You had better be careful!! I can still ground you!

Jenny runs upstairs and grabs her swimsuit and glances over at her night stand at the book that Jet gave her. She thinks of reading it in the waiting room at Dr. Schultz’s office and slips it into the side pocket of her backpack

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