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The Martial Artist
The Actor
The Man


  The Training
  During the summer of 1971, the state mandated that all children go to camp, as to keep them from roaming the streets during their one-month vacation from school. A variety of sports were offered to the children: gymnastics, swimming, soccer, and the hardest being the ancient practice of Wushu. The youngest in his division, he practiced two and a half hours a day, at first, during the summer. When school resumed, 20 out of the 1000 children studying Wushu were requested to come back and continue training. A shy Lian Jie was placed on that list...little did they know of the magic they had before them.

  The Chosen
  Once again, Lian Jie was the youngest to take on this ancient art in his group. He would walk 15 minutes after school to the Sports Training Grounds and would practice hard, everyday. After another 3 months pasted, little Lian Jie soon found himself chosen again... to continue his studies in Wushu... as he was one of four picked to continue training year- round. Working through winters, summers, and after three hard-working years, his first shine as a star was underway.

Lian Jie was awarded “Excellence,” the highest award for that competition at the time. He stood out among the rest and continued to shine for many years after. He toured the world, performed for Leaders, Presidents, all taking note at the strong young child before them had unlimited potential.

  1974 - Wins championship at National Youth Sports Competition
- Tours U.S. as member of Beijing Wushu Team
- Performs for President Nixon on White House lawn
- Chinese Men's All-Around National Wushu Champion

  1975 - Chinese Men's All-Around National Wushu Champion
  1977 - Chinese Men's All-Around National Wushu Champion
  1978 - Chinese Men's All-Around National Wushu Champion
  1979 - Chinese Men's All-Around National Wushu Champion

  Wu Bin, his Trainer
  Wu Bin, his trainer in his quest to achieve Wushu perfection, became his surrogate father. Their history is a sad one, as he has revealed to the world that he felt sad at the way Wu treated his performance... giving others verbal support, and him none. Lian Jie trained harder because of this, and worked long hard hours when others were resting. In essence, Jet was carving his path to success at this moment of his life. His touring days, documented by him, are now available on his personal web site. (

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