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The Martial Artist
The Actor
The Man


  On a blessed April day in Beijing, a son was born to the Li family. Li Lian Jie was the last of the children given life, two older brothers, two older sisters, he was surrounded by love. He lost his father at the tender age of 2, but as his family grew stronger, as did he. He was very well sheltered and protected. As other children went out to play, Lian Jie spent his early years under his mother’s watchful eyes. A very obedient child with a heart of gold, he did exactly as his mother wished, never attempting to do things that she did not want behind her back.

  At School
  Starting school at age 8, Lian Jie was a very good student, studying hard when others were out playing. As he grew, he became the perfect roll model to his classmates at school. Heading the line up of children, he shouted out the mandatory drills to keep everyone in good health. A favorite to the teachers, a blessing to his family, he was the “poster child” of perfection. As he has stated “the mischief came later.” Lian Jie had a perfect school record in his classes, his teachers wanting him to excel. He would be asked to review his assignments and tests before handing them in, a hint to correct or add something to his favor before the work reached its final destination. He was so well liked by his mentors, that at one time he had no choice but to fail a test, as it was in singing, and he cannot sing. His teacher was well aware of this, and excused him with a sore throat, when in fact there was none…he got an “A”.

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