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The Martial Artist
The Actor
The Man


  First Movie
  At the tender age of 18 he had seen the world. It was soon after that Hong Kong Cinema started to notice the little champion to be much more. Li’s legend was set in stone the moment he took on the film “Shaolin Temple.” The film alone inspired a country to embrace its history and re-open a forgotten art. The incredible work and situations that ALL the actors went through to create this timeless film is documented by the actor himself as being, “Pretty memorable, that movie”. Li Lian Jie became Jet Li for his strength and speed. His path lay before him, destined to be one of China’s greatest stars in more ways than one.

  His Acting
  From his timeless accounts of a Shaolin Monk, to the universal appeal of “Once Upon a time in China” that spanned across the globe, to the “Last Hero in China,” he has covered every aspect of the Chinese culture. Jet Li’s acting abilities have been noted by fans to be uniquely captivating and wondrously memorizing. His fighting ability aside, he has every one’s attention around the world to his graceful presence. Even though many hold Jet Li as a role model, he prefers to not be given the title of “Idol” or “Prodigy,” but more as a human who works very hard to please his fans.

Jet’s outstanding acting led many of his earlier works to spawn sequels, all gaining the success of the original. Even though his films are known for their captivating stunts and martial arts, many of Jet’s movies are also known for the life that he breaths into each character, and the unique values that each hold.

His “alternate personalities” include: a runaway slave monk, a soldier, the immortal 19th century folk hero who traveled the world and had adventures that will be told for years to come, a frustrated comical rebel, a kung-fu cult master, an insane monk, a body guard, a Bruce Lee revival of the legendary patriot, an undercover cop, a doctor, an ex-super soldier, a rookie hitman, a Triad Member, and now…an escaped convicted cop who runs to America to avenge his brothers death, and is caught up in a Romeo and Juliet love story set in the time of 20th century Gang Wars.

Twenty Seven movies later, fate has handed Jet a river of opportunities as his fame in the New World rises at the speed of daily deals landing on his name in the Holly Wood Gossip Ring.

  His Breaking into America
  His charisma shines through to the world and his now “leap of faith” to America has been a warm welcome. Marking his first debut in the American favorite “Lethal Weapon” Series, he was placed on the list of “Great Bad Guys.” He stunned the American audience the moment he delivered a graceful, swift kick off of one arm, then turned. Instantaneously, before the audience could grasp what happened, the gun shaft lay in Li's hand, and the victims lay silent on the floor.

His previous “good karma” with sequels adds to that with his joining the very successful “Lethal Weapon” Series. Per a previous deal agreed upon by Li and Joel Silver, Jet was to play a bad guy first and then he would be given the star roll as the good guy in “Romeo Must Die.” A box office hit, his first feature film has many mixed reviews. Those who have loved him from his outstanding work in China seem to be disappointed in his recent “lack” of dazzling martial arts affects. However, many who have not been granted the history before “Romeo Must Die,” have been very satisfied and are anxious to see what the rising star has next to show them.

In his growth as an actor, he has overcome many things to be the person he is today. His recent accomplishments lay in his voyage to American soil. Jet has put forth incredible effort to learn everything he can about America, its language, its way of thinking, and most importantly, how to please its audience. “Inside Kung Fu Magazine” contains an article where Jet Li states himself, “(Martial arts action) is what I’m known for and no producers or company will hire me to do something else. Many audiences know me for what I do so why would they pay money to see me do something else?” Jet’s personal wish to do more than action movies has been noted, but as yet to be fulfilled as the world screams for him to deliver the same breath taking performances he is legend for in China.

Joining the ranks in America, he is welcomed by his brothers before him: Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, and Sammo Hung. Jet is also taking his talents in a new direction as he joins forces with Academy Award Winning Actor, Producer, and Director…Mel Gibbson. In late 2000 or early 2001, America will bare witness to the combined efforts of both great men as they premier an action TV series entitled, “Invincible,” on TBS. The series has combined the best of both the East and the West to provide entertainment like none seen before.

To top of his list of goals set forth in this day and age, Jet is heading a project to produce a video game that teaches the youth about helping others, going on magical quests, and doing more than (as Jet says) just “killing the bad guys.”

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