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The Martial Artist
The Actor
The Man


  The Philosophy
  At the age of 16, Jet began to look at his life. He had been awarded several metals for his outstanding athletic achievements, but he did not feel the “All-around Wushu Champion” that he was known for. He decided then to take his life’s work, and use the knowledge in the balance of body and mind. He felt that in order to have something, you must first have nothing, in that he accepted that he had only achieved the body, and lacked the training of his mind. Jet realized that he had much to master before he could feel balanced. In his studies, he came to believe that things are not just two- sided, that all things have many levels of degree, but that all things are also equal in their own right. There may be those who have more, know more, and achieve more, but that all things in life are equal in many ways.

Jet’s faith has been noted to be in the power of the Yin-Yang, that all things are equal, male for female, black for white. In understanding his words, one can feel the respect he has for life, and earth. He accepts and understands that for all good, there must be bad. Holding this strong to his soul, he offers the pre-knowledge of his path to the world, and lets them know that he hears their words of concern, praise, and wishes of success. Jet accepts and notices that to all things comes a price, and his fame has such a tag, a price which he gladly pays daily.

  The Man With in the Man
  Jet’s personal grace has been held to light as the “Fred Astaire” of China. Jet has been noted as being a spokes person for “Wushu.” His 28 years of Martial Arts study gives him the title of “Balance,” a title he worked hard for in more ways than one. Jet has noted that his views of the world, and of his skills, is blessed by his study of Wushu.

Jet himself offers advice openly on his “Official Web Site,” sharing his personal views on many issues in life. With beautiful sounds and dazzling effects, it is a reflection of the man himself: unique, soothing, and bringing you back to “explore.” In only wishing to please his fans, he asks many questions to those around him reaching out to those in the world through the internet and, taking 3 hours a day to learn from the wisdom of the web. He takes in notes from his fans, and replies to them when he feels it is necessary... an act that has made him feel like more of a friend to those who support his work, world, and beliefs.

Justifiably, people are drawn in to gather from around the world to learn and get to know Jet, and in turn, learn and get to know each other, and share in the support of his hard work.

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