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  221- Mic 16 years old female, from Neverneverland
  Fanmeter: Less than a year

Happy B-day Jet! Wow, man, you're thirty-seven! (add 3 and 7 together it's only ten!) You look 20! You're doin' great! So do you have a birthday suit? anyway, this is short, my bad, Stay well, -Mic

  222- Antoine Leroy 18 years old male, from FRANCE
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  Dear Li Lian Jie, First I'd like to wish you A GREAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! For me {and for all your fans of course} you're simply the best!!! You know, before seeing you in a film, I had no special goal in life. I mean that nothing interested me . And one day I saw "Once upon a time in china 1 ", believe me I was amazed! I’ve seen all your films of course {and some of them about 20 to 30 times!!}So, I started to buy several books about Wushu and others martial : I had find what was going to be my passion .That's why I admire you so much : you're not only a great actor and the best martial artist I've ever seen {I have also became crazy about Chinese films} ,but for me you're the spokesman of the Chinese culture in the world . I know that makes a lot for only one man but that is why you're so unique!! Thank you to exist and continue to surprise us. PS: I'm looking forward to seeing "Romeo must die" Your fan and friend forever! r Antoine

  223- Eric Morales 21 years old male, USA
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  Happy Birthday to you Jet, Thank you for your wonderful Art Work, Movies ect. Well been Looking for a Good Gung Fu Teacher, I've also Studied Escrima Filipino Stick Fighting. I hear Wing Chun and Escrima are similar... I'm from The San Francisco Bay area In California and Into the Art of Expressing the Human Body... LOL you know , oh I saw Romeo Must Die, so how did you and Aaliah hit it off.. She's a Hotty. I also saw you on the Regis and Cathy lee show but that was a short interview but that’s okay you where the best one out there...So Hope to Hear from you soon Happy Birthday Your friend Eric aka (PnoyoRican)

  224- Marcia Vieira 30 years old female, from Brazil
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

Hello Jet, I am your fan, I love your films, I like you very much and I love martial arts, I'm start to train Wushu a few days, and I one day I want to be like you. Please send me a message. kisses and bye, bye.

  225- Aaron Nicole' Caballero 29 years old male, from USA
  Fanmeter: More than 10 years

To My Dear Friend Li Lien Jie, Hello! I just wanted to write a note to you to say my hellos and to wish you the happiest of birthdays! Another year older, another year wiser, eh? May all your dreams be fulfilled!

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