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Martial Arts  



  1- Unknown Male, from USA
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

Through the eyes, the door to the soul is always open. Watch closely and you shall find mysteries of oneself. Upon the mists flow petals of winter in mid spring. Kneel down and listen closely to the pulsating of earth's core , try to touch it with your mind. Watch as your hands blossom."

  2- Elena R. M. 18 years old female, from USA
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  "Darkening the darkness behold the gates of light." I believe that the complexity of simplicity is what makes it so complex. With all my heart I wish you a joyous birthday, and a wonderful year ahead. Whatever it is that you decide to do , in terms of acting or opening your own dojo, you shall always have my admiration and respect. "He reached out to me a branch like an arm. I reached out to him an arm like a branch. He could hear my slowing blood rising like sap. I passed through him. He passed through me. I remained a lonely tree. He remained a lonely man."

Good luck, Sincerily, R. M.

  3- Sophia Brown 32 years old female, from USA
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  As the sun makes it new,
Day by day make it new,
Yet again make it new. Confucius

May this day begin with Joy.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Jet!


  4- Unknown 24 years old male, from Vietnam
  Fanmeter: 5 to 10 years

Happy Birthday Jet! You are a great actor, and an excellent martial art.. Wish you will continue in the movie industry so I can see the other great movies beside "Romeo Must Die". Good Luck.

  5- Louis Rubio 19 years old male, from USA
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  Dear Mr. Jet Li, at first I had never heard of you, then Lethal Weapon4 was released. I had started to see many of your HK films and instantly I became one of your biggest fans. I am gladly here to wish you a very happy birthday and congratulations on your wedding. I hope you appreciate that. :^)

I also have a SPECIAL request. I have read your philosophies and would love for you to teach me more. I am just a person who is trying to do good in this world, but many people discourage me to continue. I am willing to be your understudy in Philosophy, so that I can apply it to my life and help others who are going through what I am. I know you are VERY BUSY, we WOULD NOT HAVE TO MEET. I just hope that we can have discussions through "EMAIL".

I am glad that you have hit International stardom. I have not a material birthday present to offer you. The only present that I can offer is to be a respectable and exceptional student to you. To clarify myself, I am NOT asking you to teach me martial arts. I am asking you on teaching me philosophies on how I can improve knowledge of myself and how I can use that knowledge of myself to help people.

I know that you are VERY busy, and I would understand if you turned me away as a "Philosophy Student". I would not be disappointed and WOULD REMAIN A GREAT FAN. =^_~=

Please know that this letter in sincere and even if you didn't want to teach me any philosophies, P L E A S E reply. Happy 37th Birthday, Mr. Li.

Sincerely, Louis Rubio

  6- Hang Do 16 years old female, from USA
  Fanmeter: Less than a year

Dearest Li Lian Jie, Ni hao ma?

Happy birthday to you and enjoy the greatest days yet to come!

I am surprised to learn that the philosophies of explore, observe, inspire, speak are taught along with Wushu in the renowned Beijing Shishahai Sports Academy where you attended. it seems like an ancient philosophy that is only taught during the long ago ages in China (like in those movies where people could fly....).

I sincerely hope that your beloved Sifu Wu Bin would be there with you to celebrate your birthday. The bond between Wu Bin and you seems apparently strong. I’m sure he'll be there to celebrate your birthday, right? that is cool.

I am 16 now, and I wish to practice Wushu in Beijing right after I graduate from high school, then after maybe 4 years, come back to USA to attend Harvard University in the field of astronomy. I love space science, where things are way different from experiences on Earth. You see, I’m this well-rounded type of person. I love to do a lot of things. I love Art, Science, and Martial Arts (been doing it for a 3 years). That's why I want to be an astronaut, AND study Wushu AND draw pictures of my families, friends, and you.

You know what? I practiced Tae Kwon Do for two years, but I realized that it is not the type for me. Those techniques require too much strength. Tae kwon do seems to require masculine strength in combat. And there are too few techniques to learn. Thus I quit after two years to take Vovinam (Vietnamese martial arts. for I am Vietnamese). Vovinam seemed to be a great art for me, but after a year now, I realized that it doesn’t' fit me, too. those techniques require the speed of superman in order for it to be effective in combat. I juts don’t' think that's a good way to learn.......because martial arts should be for everyone, not just for ones who move at the speed of light. Being rather lost for a couple of months now, I finally found what really fits me. After seeing you star in Romeo Must Die, I told myself "Hey, that is the type of martial arts that I have always wanted!" Thus I am now traversing on the path to have a balance between science and martial arts. I hope to be successful and be able to defend myself (being short and small, I am easily picked upon by many students in school)

Anyway, I wish you the greatest birthday celebration of all times with Instructor Wu Bin and Mrs. Jet Li JR. coming soon??? :-p

Due to the fact that I love drawing, I’ve drawn a picture of you. I wish that I can send it to you somehow. I wonder if you can give me your mailing address. don’t' worry, I wont' overload you with useless stuff, and I wont' give it out. Please? Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

yours truly, Hang Do

  7- Bernadette 26 years old female, from USA
  Fanmeter: Less than a year

  Hi Jet Li, I would just like to say Happy happy Birthday baby... I would just like to wish you a happy birthday on this day . I just wanted to tell you that I went to see you at Los Angeles Shrine auditorium and you were just busy!I wanted to go up there and get your autograph on my yolk magazine. But there were just picking people out at the audience and I was at the side line and they weren't even picking out people out there which was not cool is there anyway I can get some kind of picture of you with your autograph on to wallpaper my computer screen!!! But the only thing important about this letter is that I got to see you in person even though it was just for a little while. You made my day that day...

Love you always, Bernadette, biggest fan forever!

  8- Thato Mosele 25 years old male, from Botswana
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  My favorite movie of you is the evil cult. I train because I few it as the best way I can live my life. I find that it gives me peace surpassing all understanding, capabilities to face all that life can offer whether it be problems or fulfillment of what I desire.

May you be joyful and blessed a million fold on your birthday and for the rest of your life for your deeds touch not only us but generations to come.

I am honored & grateful for this chance to send a message.

  9- Corinna 28 years old female, from Scotland
  Fanmeter: Less than a year

  Hiya Jet, birthday greetings from the European far north! When asked about "main subject" I thought "why not say Philosophy" - and here it goes, if only I knew your address I would love to send you a very special gift, that is a tape of my favorite band (which is Scottish...), because their philosophy in song is exactly what is your philosophy in movies and martial arts. It is amazing how well these topics fit sometimes! However, it is impossible so let me give you as a birthday gift just some lines from one of their songs: "Once in a lifetime you live and love / Once in a lifetime you die / Once in a moment the sun goes down / Protect and Survive..." Of course this can give only a glimpse on what they are about, but it makes sense if I send it to you, Nina and the baby... All the best for the future and keep up the good work! Corinna

  11- Emily Calbes 26 years old female, from USA
  Fanmeter: Less than a year

  Dear Jet, I want to congratulate you on reaching another year in your life. Like most fans, I am so happy that you're in the best of health, you are happy in your career, and that you lead a happy family life. Thank you for sharing to the world your life and philosophy. It is always a joy to hear you speak your mind and heart. Take Care.

Sincerely, Emily Calbes

  12- Steeve Réhel 27 years old male, from Canada
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  Hi Jet,

Best wishes to you and love ones for the new millennium. And happy birthday as well. Like most of your fans, it is always a renewed pleasure to witness your work through your astonishing skills. Thank you Mr.Li for this message of dedication that show through your art, and your heart, and that, we fans, try to reciprocate in martial arts and in life as well.

You've shown us that kung fu is more than a hobby our simple class you attend to be active. Kung fu is a way of life. Like Montaigne once said : "Mon métier et mon art, c'est de vivre. Notre grand et glorieux chef-d'oeuvre c'est de vivre à propos." : My profession and my art is to live and my greatest achievement is to live my life with those considerations in mind.

It must be a great feeling to be renown and love throughout what you always loved to do. It must be also a great feeling to incarnate some of China's greatest legends through the magic of film. You have a great history, rich in culture and philosophy. I like the way Confucius spoke about virtue through the wise ness of his immense faith into humanism. He believed strongly that man had only one foe and it was himself. Finding ones true honesty depends on how one manages to dig in his heart to find this gift that nature give him at the origins of time.

For us, occidentals, the Chinese people our human truth that everything can be accomplished through hard work and devotion. Like I said, we can see all those in your work the benefits of your life that you so generously chare with us!

Thank you once again Mr. Li, may God protect you and your love ones on the long path of never-ending life.

Good luck in your future projects. I heard that your were interested in the Matrix sequels. I think it's a tremendous idea. I thought the first movie was great just for the message of hope in humanity it spreads. I think you will do well in this project and in America as well.

Thank you for your time and happy birthday once again.

Steeve Réhel Percé, Québec, Canada karate, kung fu and Muay Thai student P.S: Do you listen to music when you train ? If so, what kind of music do you like to listen ? Thanks.

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