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Thang new artwork - Wong Fei Hung Kid

Soul Mate Chapter 11

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Recent news on new fansite Jet Li Cinema follows the shooting of mr. Li' upcoming movie Kiss of the Dragon. Find interviews and opinions from fans who was lucky enough to be present at the place where the crew is working. Discuss the subject on our Chat board.

Highlight of the week!

One of our most admired artist made a wicked cartoon drawing of Jet Li. Later, Shadow, webmaster of this site, rendered it into a great-looking wallpaper. Not a miss!

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We invite you to discuss on interesting topics with other fans in our popular Forum. Also, Guestbooks have been established as to let you write a message to Jet or to send your appreciation regarding this site. Feel very free to share with us!


Overall, which of Jet Li's American movies do prefer?

Romeo Must Die
Lethal Weapon 4
Pretty equal !

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