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Martial Arts  






  61- Branden Monroe 15 years old male, from USA
  Fanmeter: Less than a year

Jet Li, as a fan I was wondering if you could E-Mail me back and send a special clip from Romeo must die and come to Sylvania, Ga. because I would like to meet you face to face.

  62- Justin Musick 19 years old male, from USA
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  Your styles and finess have been an inspiration of my martial arts for quite some time. I've always thought of you as much more than just a movie star but a true artist.

  63- Israel and Márcio 18 years old male, from Brazil
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years

  To Great Li Lian Ji the real lethal weapon, In the name of your Brazilian kung fu fans, more years of live. Forever JET LI!

  64- Yankee Lee 12 years old male, from USA
  Fanmeter: More than 10 years

Hi Jet Li, I'm one of your biggest fan and I think I have all the collection of your movie and one of my best movie starring you is once upon a time in china and once upon a time in America. well I wish you a happy birthday and I really like your Martial Art.

Bye Bye, Yankee Lee

  65- Griffin Lai 27 years old female
  Fanmeter: 1 to 5 years
E-mail: (How long have you been a fan

happy birthday, to you Jet Li. I wonder when I can see u in real, becoz I wanna to feel u. wish u have a very best this coming birthday and a lovely papa.

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